lørdag 4. februar 2012

Saturday walk to the Ocean - Kvithella

A lonely bird 


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  1. She walks to the ocean at Kvithella.

    On her way to the sea she passed a clutch of elephant eggs waiting for the warmth of spring .

    This is a dramatic angle. She likes that . She likes the sharpness and the harsh angularity of the cold , naked landscape. The farmhouses beyond the fiord and the old iron table standing between the trees remind her that she is not alone.

    The cold, sunny January Saturday becomes beautiful. She likes the accidental connection of the tone on tone palette.

    Ice. Pastel tones . The long shadows from the late afternoon sun provides a somber mood. She likes the composition and the colours.

    She loves this. The contrasting colours, the contrasting hardscape, the reflection and mirroring of the stone.

    Tiny ice edge; she loves it. This is is the first she has seen a glimpse of the sun in two months . The shine and the shadows on the snow entrance her. She recognizes in it her childhood and adolescence. Inside her starts music she thought she had forgotten .

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